CD41 – Daniel Damiano, Poems from 104 Days of the Pandemic


Hello all!

On this week of gratitude, I’m delighted to share 3 poems by Daniel Damiano, from his poetry collection, 104 Days of the Pandemic. This collection provides us a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the emotions of the pandemic through an assortment of delicate and ferocious moments captured daily since March. Thanks for sharing your work with us, Daniel!

About Daniel:
Daniel Damiano is an Award-winning Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor, Poet and Novelist based in Brooklyn, NY.  His plays have been produced in many areas of the U.S. as well as London, England and Sydney & Melbourne, Australia, and his poetry has been published in Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine, Newtown Literary Journal, New Voices Anthology, Cloudbank and HotMetal Press.  He has been nominated for Pushcart Prize for Poetry and was a Finalist for the Arts and Letters Prize in Drama. His acclaimed play, “Day of the Dog”, was published in 2018 by Broadway Play Publishing.  In 2020, he completed his first novel, “The Woman in the Sun Hat”, as well as a book of poetry, “104 Days of the Pandemic.”

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