The Inaugural Season!

My friends,

My name is Jaime Alejandro. The Coalition for Digital Narratives is the new space I’ve created to produce my own work and offer a space for fellow creatives to unearth the absurdity of the human experience.

As a trial run, I’m currently preparing three one act audio plays to present as a ‘mini-season.’ I am happy to announce these stories should be premiering some time this year.

  • REConciliation (working title). This is a one-person show I’ll be performing and producing on my own. Script needs a good rewrite but I know what I have to do. This hurdle is the biggest one, but I have to compete this piece first to ensure the rest can actually be done.
  • The Square Parts I & II. Part I is written and ready to go. I had started some production on it but shortly thereafter decided to complete the second script before going further. Cohesion has to take priority and I won’t rush this one. It will require about 6-10 actors in fairly equal roles, so I eagerly anticipate directing this one.
  • A Whisper to the Dark. This script requires some serious rewriting, but it’s not a long script. Originally written for another company, the deal seems to have fallen through and so I am rescuing this story and shaping it into a more linear narrative than previous drafts. I’ll only need three actors for it, so excited!

Since all of this will be DIY, I’m keeping a very flexible timeline in the event the rest of 2022 delivers some wrenches. Check the website for updates. In the meantime, be sure to stop by the Coalition Twitter account: we got some new and improved AI prompts for you to start writing!


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