Ken Poyner | Worth

Ken Poyner | Worth

His job was to latch the fire. He thought of nothing else. A team only works when each member understands and executes his special duties. It might look from the outside like an artful flow – but in reality any accomplishment is the completion of small parts, separately and anonymously. Each its own undertaking, with its own luster. He was to latch the fire. This wondrous thing he could do. But when latchless fire came along, he was adrift. He knew nothing else; he had no other purpose. It brought him to question purpose itself. What sort of puzzle was he a piece of now? But then he met a collection, a society, of anachronists. With them, he could still mindlessly latch fire. So what if the world at large was happy with its latchless fire? He had a calling with the other useless actors in the world. His skill had application. His fingers could still smolder with meaning.

Ken’s four collections of brief fictions and four collections of speculative poetry can be found at most online booksellers.  He spent 33 years in information system management, is married to a world record holding female power lifter, and has a family of several cats and betta fish.  Individual works have appeared in “Café Irreal”, “Analog”, “Danse Macabre”, “The Cincinnati Review”, and several hundred other places.

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