Anam Tariq | The Sunset Story

Anam Tariq | The Sunset Story

The Sunset Story

in a heavy hued squash of strokes

a white enigma of bliss kisses the sunset

an icy-mute statue frozen

in the swirls of time. capturing

the swan in a virtual net

the swansong of the fisherman

about to end in a huddle!


huddling up, a frayed, grey overcoat

toting a haggard creature

who mumbles among the thicket

in the listeners’ leaf-like ears:

I am Eddie the Banished

I am a kid in a kidnapper’s car…


from the car of shrubbery

trespassing into another world

like a rat, across he darts

to a bench watching the sun climb down:

that’s my kidnapper man

and the next spot for a span

occupies his shady countenance.


countenance that eclipses itself

from the line of sight of Peter’s.

his solitary, mysterious droning

of a parrot, imposing itself on Peter

whose eyes, fixed on pixels and megapixels!

the creature’s address: I flatter the flora

to smile for me, I tweet sandwiches,

to beg, not actually eat,

has pushed to fringes of perishing

the magician’s flaunting tricks,

our place naked like a bare

mannequin of beauty divested,

look, so many behind the bush have hid…

before the end of the swansong, before

vexed Peter’s opening word, the speaker

sprawls, now unmoving.

cannot open their box some

without destroying what’s within

and some do not assay unlatching like me:

with this exit Peter and his net.

Anam Tariq is a poet, writer and book reviewer from India with an MA in English and a poetry collection A Leaf upon a Book (Leadstart, 2022) to her name. She is currently running The Wordsridge Newsletter on Substack and is a writer at Writers’ Cafeteria. Anam’s poems appear in several lit. mags and anthologies such as The Punch Magazine, New Reader Magazine, LiveWire, Lived Collective, Spill Words and others. You can know more about her at or find her @anam.tariq_ (Instagram).

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