Andrea Damic | Story + Photography

Andrea Damic | Story + Photography

When Alone

Reticent they stand in the dark secluded rooms. Empty eyes stare into space, miles away, revealing nothing. Only muffled sounds from the city’s streets rustle the musty air comfortably settled around them. Passage of time has no meaning in their world. Their expressions seem to echo timeless wisdom but also speak of the ancient past long gone. As if time weighted down heavily on their monumental shoulders, their whole demeanour appears detached from the present. Occasionally their stoic facade cracks under perpetual boredom and for an imperceptible moment they seem to console each other:

“Tourists will be back tomorrow again”.

when alone
in the land of dreams

Andrea Damic, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, now lives in Sydney, Australia. She’s an amateur photographer and author of micro fiction, flash fiction and poetry. Her education is on the opposite side of artistic expression (she is an accountant with a master’s degree in economics). She writes at night, when everyone is asleep. When she lacks words to express herself, she uses photography to do it for her. You can find her on TW @DamicAndrea or One day she hopes to finish and publish her novel.

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