Anthony Sposato | 3 Poems

Anthony Sposato | 3 Poems

Ike Jime

A veritable sloshing

Like a train a’commming in

Some bellies up some bellies down

A slipstream of cortisol 

A smokescreen of cortisol

A cortisolic orchestra!

They hand it the knife

If they still it aims the tip

At the urogenital papilla

And runs it allllll the way to the jaw

If they move

It gives it a WHACK

They keep coming


Later on it sits around the fire

The laughs cigars and whiskey

The Cat Stevens on the radio

It flicks off the scales with its knife

They as big as dinner plates

Caught in its teeth its hair

Big as flying saucers as Frisbees as kaleidoscope

It flicks off the scales

Til it blocks out the sun and moon

Til it’s all it can see

Til all it can hear is the maddening maddening song

Til all he can smell is remorse


Green vile vomitus

Out the trapdoor esophageal sphincter

But this ain’t no

Ayuhuasca ceremony hombŕe

It’s but parasympathetic aqueduct

In the front seat of a Hyundai

A glassy eyed rapscallion

A starry eyed reptilian

Spewing up his lime green guts

Sorry his vomitus

Sorry his emesis

It’s fun and games now

But when’s it all end?

When the crazy stops?

When the wheels fall off?

After it’s taken all of us?


What’s scarier than a deep black pickup

Barreling down the street better off on its own accord

With limp wrists atop hands so coarse

With a newfound lisp and eyes glazed lids booze drawn

What’s scarier, heart bumpthumping, as you reach the point of no return

When the man whose arms so strong carried

Now so ready to carry you listless right to death’s door?

His rancid breath said, you’re a man now

And who was I to disagree

Because when we finally parked the truck

Our specters looming at every tree and house along the way

It was me who took his keys

Into my hands so soft

It was me who took him in

Made him take his shoes off at the door

It was me who tucked him in

Me who watched him sleep

Chest rising, chest falling

Me who took my life into my hands so soft

It was me


Anthony Sposato is a medical student at the University of Connecticut, applying into radiology. Despite his busy schedule he remains an avid reader and writer and participant in life.

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