Douglas Colston | 3 Poems

Douglas Colston | 3 Poems

Taking 'extermination' as a spouse? The mark of death.

The pattern of flowers –

perhaps inclusive of the euphemistic application

of ‘flowers’ to the florid, wounds, prostitutes,

profligacy, costs, lechery, smallpox and errors –

is to while away time, die and vanish.


Choosing to ‘marry’

waste and extermination

is a form of culture –

its ‘language’

is death and dissolution.


Selecting division and destruction?


Ignorance reverting to the wrong direction.


To consider and choose

deprivation and robbery?


Cunning and wily change.


Choosing deception, violence, abduction,

murder, destruction and theft?


An ‘art’, ‘skill’, ‘trade’, ‘craft’ and conclusion

that is spoilt, bizarre, abnormal and forsaken.


That choice

is a currency and property

that is lowly, disappointing and deadly …

that journey breaks and destroys.

Carmen contrā molestiae

(A poem against troubles, annoyances, molestation and the vexatious)

A rhyming poem

can seem like a tome –

a section of a larger work

it’s likely a dubious perk.


Constraining the creative process

may lead to a bit of a mess,

but applying capabilities

provides plenty of opportunities.


Does such affectation

amount to a shun –

the reader and poet ostracized

by meaning metamorphosized?


Words that rhyme

change with time

and there are other problems

creating conundrums.


Popularized in European poetry

around the 14th Century,

some consider them penury …

and I tend to agree.


When there is something to be said

it should reflect what’s in the head –

that’s what communication’s about …

otherwise, it’s all for nought.


The rhythm of thought

rather than rhyming that’s fraught –

such should be the goal

for verses that are whole.


As for the grander scheme

it would seem

whither Heaven or Hell,

only time will tell.

Tarot divination

Castle fortifications, a spire, a Buddhist stupa or ‘The Tower’ in Tarot?


A net (like that for catching birds)

or a sieve.

A memorial, shield, tablet or playing cards?


Whispering choices, wishes and desires.


Divination, foretelling or prediction?


Occupying and possessing

manners and airs

displaying, spreading out, gathering and collecting

defences, idolatry and –

on occasions –

inauspicious omens.


Fortresses, castles, rough ground,

difficulties, dangers, stressors,

the unattainable and the impassable?


Showing, displaying and pointing out

the figurative, rhetorical and decorative.


To begin or start the future,

give voice to doing …

working, creating, causing and being involved.


A palace or large residence

exhibits, exposes, explains and signifies

the rhetorical:


     “They seize or lay hold of

     what is given, offered, rendered or yielded”.


A hall?


A possession

that shows discussion, talk or debate

is a fitting fair wind

founding utility, benefit and advantage.

Douglas Colston hails from Australia, has played in Ska bands and picked up university degrees, supported his parents during terminal illnesses, developed chronic mental and physical illnesses pursuant to sustained workplace harassment, married his love, fathered two great children, had his inheritance embezzled and among other things, he is pursuing a PhD he hopes will provide a positive contribution to the zeitgeist. In 2022, his fiction, nonfiction and poetry appeared in various anthologies and magazines, including: POETiCA REViEW; Impspired; New Note Poetry; Otherwise Engaged Literary and Arts Journal; and Revue {R}évolution. |

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