Mamta Wathare | 2 Poems + Visual Art

Mamta Wathare | 2 Poems + Visual Art


Grandma Moon 

You left too soon 


And the skies have been falling softly

In little pieces, since 


I have watched the stars 

For a single twitch 

A turn, a murmur of  you 


And I’ve heard 

I’ve heard

Inside my inside ears 


I’ve heard you say,

‘I never left’


But my heart, Grandma Moon 

Has melted into a cold winter noon

And the skies have turned silent


Winter seeps into my bones 

As if a blossom rose with thorns inside 

The sun seems far 

It has seemed so for a while 

You and I have a long way to go, more than a million miles 


We are born of a warm soil

Where hearts often turn cold 

Love is nothing, if not bold

It kept us warm in the middle of a rife 


The blossom rose has bloomed this winter 

That should tell us everything 

About love and about life

Mamta Wathare is a writer, poet and visual artist. She is inspired by the subtle dimensions of life. As a poet and storyteller, she engages in the natural flow of creativity where the process allows her to look beyond pain and struggle. Abstract art for her is the space where even poetry cannot reach. She enjoys observing the geometry that forms around and understand deeply how it flows. Her interest is in working with mixed media, charcoal and digital mediums. Mamta is a cross between several spiritual traditions and it reflects in her words and art. Instagram – @sufimysticart | Words published – Jade Plant Project,, Huffington Post India, Femina India and others | Art collection titled Tribe available at G Art Gallery

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