Salem Void | 2 Poems

Salem Void | 2 Poems

Symbiotic Vanishing

Molten lava blood burning through my bones,

Bones reduced to ash that fertilize the ground

Growing trees that emit poison into the air


Everyone wears a gas mask,

Nobody can see through the thick green smog

Everyone is happier with the poison in their lungs

For the poison steals observation of the self

Literal wandering vessels


Decrepit little animals shift beneath the ground

And we can feel them; lost in the smog

Choking on the reality of the oblivion laid before us

We separate the ones in the masks who choke

And the ones in the masks who drown.

Everyone poisoned, everyone gone

Guardian Planets

Does it feel good? I want it to. You can.

Sleep sound, with both eyes closed.

The sunshine is still free.

Emissions from the moon will find you,

and so will the mystic dust of my own dreams.


Rise. Even if you can’t feel it,

The moon is looking, she loves you.

Are you afraid? The rotation of celestial bodies is reference.

Be not afraid. The moon is here. She is in the nothingness.

She is inside of your belly. She is crawling through your guts,

Leaving space behind.

Salem void is a man shaped biomechanical bear who can be “found” in the swamplands of Virginia writing surrealist horror & weird dark fiction. He hopes his writing can be both the salt and salve on your wounds. Twitter, Instagram + Substack

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