Screams of Unfettered Minds | 3 Poems

Screams of Unfettered Minds | 3 Poems

Monkey Speak


Apply the walk, don’t be a dork

Put together you’ll survive any weather

Or you will fail, and that’s a fact



Words are lost without a physical cost

Put together they give you pleasure

Or, in the end, you will offend



Break it and its bad luck for you

Put together the curse is removed

Your oaths only as good as your next move


And thus the primate did espouse

Pearls of wisdom for homosapien ears

Observing each other, mindful of flying poo

You too can be a wise chimp, in this zoo

It's Better This Way

I know I said ‘I love you’ and I did at the time

Living in the moment, it just felt right

It wasn’t a lie, this isn’t goodbye

Just my heart doesn’t skip, when you’re in my sight


Is it love that I’m feeling? I’m just not sure

Undeniable guilt, thinking, maybe there’s more?

Don’t look like that, please don’t be sad

I just can’t take it, my soul is torn


Does that make me bad for telling the truth?

Being honest while tightening the noose

You heart you gave, I’m trying to save

From the broken soul who turns to booze


I adore you more than you’ll ever know

I feel deeper than I’ll ever show

It’s me, not you, trust me you’ll lose

It simply won’t end well being my beau


I’m doing you a favour, you don’t love me

In a few months you’ll be able to see

Let’s end on a high, for both you and I

It’s better for you if I simply leave.

Mercy Me and Mercy You

Mercy me and mercy you

How did we succumb to fools

Willful, blind obedient tools

For agendas foul and cruel

What will be when we awake

And realise our plight and fate

Will we recognise the snake

Or look away for sanity’s sake?

Will it be too late to rise

To fight against our planned demise

Or will we stand in stunned surprise

Then rush for any compromise?

Will our righteous anger fuel

A fitting end for those who knew

Or will we meekly say ‘we’re screwed’

Mercy me and mercy you

SOUM (Screams of Unfettered Minds) is a newly-formed trio of females whose poems lean towards the darker aspects of life through a lifetime of shadow-work. They describe their style as raw, unapologetic, unfiltered, punching straight from the heart.  SOUM are advocates of bringing awareness to mental health and social issues. They recently had a piece accepted by Anti-Heroin Chic magazine.
Twitter @SOUMpoets | Webpage:

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