Tejasvee Nagar | Rabbit on the Moon

I wonder if the rabbit on the moon and the rabbit on the earth are similar,
Digging burrows to what we call as the moon’s freckles,
A part of our folklore,
That reflects on shimmery lakes,
The waters on earth are mirrors for the moon,
So, it is aware of its bewitching sight that beholds every star in the sky.
So, it knows that we create stories immortalising it’s beauty,
The same moon that let’s the night embrace it while we sleep.

Tejasvee Nagar, 19 years old are an avid reader from India. Their pronouns are he/she/they. They follow literary news and keep themselves updated about the literary world as they plan to pursue their degree in English. They have a keen interest in poetry, cooking, baking as well as creating playlists for leisure. They have published their first book ‘What sails through a writers dream’ which you can find on Amazon. You can also follow them on Instagram @facadeofwords.

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