Kayden Vargas | 3 Poems



1. reacting quickly and positively.
“a flexible service that is responsive to changing social and economic patterns”
Similar: quick to react; reactive; receptive; open to suggestions; amenable
2. Answering
(section of liturgy) using responsive practices.
The universe calls, and I respond.
I hear and answer.
Wouldn’t it be magical
If more people answered
What calls to them?


The prophet is loved
Anywhere but here
I always find
A hometown haunting
In this empty house
The prophet returns
Always to blood
Shake the dust
Off of your feet
And grab
Your walking shoes
Or they’ll crucify
You too.

Call Me Son of God

Help me count the ways
All of the ways that
I am not
Their woman
Remind me proper —
Who I am today
And who I could be
The self-made man
Beneath this skin
Beneath this chest
Beyond thin hands
This voice, this breath
Cut me open
Bleed me dry —
Remind me.
“He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’”

Kayden Vargas (They/He) is a poet, parent, and psychologist living on Yakama land. Their first love was, and always will be, the Columbia river. He works as psychology faculty by day and is a poet by moonlight. They have recent publications in ANMLY magazine, the Sun Review, and others.
@vccdrkmv on Twitter; @kaydenxwrites_ on IG

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