Marina Tsiatiri | Drink Some Tea

Boil some water and choose the flavor of the tea you want to drink tonight. Pet your cat, your dog, your rabbit, smile at your little fish, and write. Have you watered the plants, the self — there are many things to do. Clean the dust on the bookshelf, make everything look new. Oh, you’re turning the tv on, that’s nice, what’s on? Nothing interesting, well that’s okay, we’ll read a book ’till it’s dawn. The water’s warm now, have you chosen a flavor? Feed the pet, call your friends or family, and do me a favor. Tell them I love you, life’s short — you’ll realize this soon. Hear their jokes and snort, look at the moon. Say goodnight, close the phone — don’t you feel less heavy? Just live, live, live, li — oh, the tea is ready.

Marina Tsiatiri (she/her) is a 19-year-old that writes, writes, and writes, until her laptop screen seems blurry. A computer-science major and an avid fan of caffeine, Marina is in love with womanhood, life and its wonders, and her work is often about just that. Apart from writing, Marina often tries to understand math and pet the stray cats outside her house. In the future, she aspires to travel to Spain, get a dog, and publish a book or two.

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