Owen Paul Edwards | Thoughts about the grocery store, the theater, and my bed.

The grocery store.

Sometimes when I’m at work
I get mad at somebody
because they waved their hand at me
or asked me to do several things
at once–

But later I’ll feel bad
for getting angry
because that person is old,
and full of kindness,
and probably didn’t mean to hurt
my feelings.

The theater.

I love my dad.
He is a complicated man.
I have inherited some of his complications.
Not everyone loves my dad,
but I do.

All of my campaigns are planned
in his shadow.
In some ways we are similar.
He is the only person who understands me.

My bed.

Some people do not care about how you feel.
Such people should not be your friends,
but maybe they will be.
If a person cares about how you feel,
they should be your friend.

Owen Paul Edwards is a writer living in Baltimore. He works at a bookshop.
IG: @oweneds | Twit: @oweneds

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