Rory Strong | 3 Poems

Laundry Day

All of them,
dried & drying
c l o t h e s
strewn about
the small apartment
are apt to smell heavily
of camel
& nag champa –

Haiku After Crestline (2nd time)

“I think that people
have been stealing our glasses,
hope you understand.”

(the) German restaurant
out in San Bernardino –
get the stuffed knockwurst.

Thanks for everything,
never here but if I am
I know where to go.

9 Bolton St, Portland, ME, 04102, USA

Rory Strong (they/them) was raised in Maine and they live in California. They recently worked as a COVID-tester, and prior to that they worked in multiple roles at inpatient substance abuse treatment centers. Sometimes they write and perform songs. They may be contacted at
Instagram @roryory1 |

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