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Delineating With Great Care

Calloused hands chisel at a piece of balsa wood with an unwavering precision. The outmoded workshop is packed with people enjoying a good start to their day. Young families on a morning stroll accompanied by an occasional tantrum presentation. Elderly walking their pets, even a random white-collar on their way to work. John feeds on this, lives witnessed through the tiny fleeting moments. Solitude is something he has never gotten used to. Neighbours perceive him as odd.

As his wife’s Lilliputian face comes to life, his hand trembles with an infinitesimal prominence of a hidden memory tucked away in the furthest corner of his mind, making him smile again.

Coronavirus – Blue
Sounds We Make

Andrea Damic, born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, writes from Sydney, Australia. She’s an amateur photographer and author of micro fiction, flash fiction and poetry. Her education is on the opposite side of artistic expression (she is an accountant with a master’s degree in economics). She writes at night, when everyone is asleep. When she lacks words to express herself, she uses photography to do it for her. You can find her on TW @DamicAndrea or One day she hopes to finish and publish her novel.

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