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Another year around the sun

Did you know
we are slowly drifting out of the sun’s gravitational pull?
It’s true a girl who’s into astrology told me.
And if she says it’s true, I have to assume she’s right

because I’ve never studied that stuff. It is inevitable
and we can’t fix it. One day in the distant future (or past)

we will rocket off into the known unknown.
I hope I am dead before then. But I have

always prayed to live longer than everyone

a question bubbles up to the surface like
some primordial fish trying to find legs.

If a man lives, but there is no one to see him do it:
is he really alive?

My prayers for immortality were not answered,
or maybe they were, and I just don’t know it yet.

wanted to be an astronomer when I was younger

before I learned that I had to do math. Astronomy
and astrology are not the same, but one could think that they are

and be forgiven.
It is my birthday today.

Unfinished stanza
Unfinished poem


I wish I could go back in time.

That’s it.
That’s the poem.
That’s the entire fucking thing.

Elijah Woodruff (He/Him) is a middle school ELA teacher who does it for his students, but wouldn’t mind being paid a little more. He spends his free time cooking for those he loves. You can find him on Twitter at @woodrelli.

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