Lilly Ashton | 3 Poems

wet frog

a wet frog in the hand is worth ten dry
a symbol of the world rotating in its moisture
hold that little plump fella
let him be comfortable
a little guy like that
should be free
to find his own delights

franz kafka is trying his best

franz kafka’s writing four letters in a day
letting his worries take over
and burrow and suck like leeches or moles
if he gets it out in words just right
maybe the creatures will stop supping
and sucking and bleeding and clawing
probably not
but with the perfect stroke of a pen
anything could happen

the creature is screaming

a tiny dinosaur is here
screaming so violently
but his cries are quiet to me
a large, looming creature
raised by ocean waves
and cold eurotrance

i could scoop him up
enclose his pointy bones in plump, earthy palm
startle him into pure, snowy silence
but i think i’ll let him scream
little thing, roaring hard

to me it’s like a cat’s soft mew
but it must be loud to him

Lilly Ashton is an illustrator and creature enthusiast from London. You can find her on twitter/instagram @mothcub_.

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