Lisa Wydeman | Me on the Edge of Tomorrow

Night is closing in
and my time is
wearing thin

drifting, I remained, in a void of what would be happiness in a world I built my dreams around

walking through gardens, my feet wet in streams, watching the stars at night kiss the moon with light

I saw not my emptiness,
Not a scratch, not a tear,
longings for love were hidden beneath a threadbare veil I tried not to tear

then you, like some strange magic, walked through the skies… entering my dimension like a hurricane of magical fireflies

you spoke, I listened, you lit up the world,
suddenly I was transported back in time to a day when I was yours and you were mine when dark was dusk kissed by the sweet fragrance of Jasmine in the night

times, when holding hands was the only thrill we dared,
when a kiss was still a wish and my name said on your lips took my breath away

when you held me
and we danced, until
night dawned into day

your voice took me back to a place I once believed was the only place
I’d ever be

the days when our eyes sparkled and glittered
with love,
hours that we counted until, in each other’s arms we found love

your voice held me close and caressed my soul, painting pictures in the words you spoke

bright and colorful right next to warm and sweet… you said you remembered yesterday’s words, thoughts and mysterious treats

I listened as you walked in and stole all my rational thoughts away,
I listened as you silently made me sway

where once I had walked in a garden filled with greens, now I feel… is ridden with weeds

Once where I stood steadfast and strong, you, with your voice were now quietly pushing me off

tipping the scales, unbalancing the see-saw, stripping me bare to face you once more

I feel lost yet, strangely found,
will we see tomorrow as one or, is this just another merry-go-round, we are on.

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