Nelly Shulman releases new collection!

5 Questions with an Indie Author

We’d like to extend a shoutout and huge congratulations to coalitionist Nelly Shulman (CW1) on the release of her latest collection of short fiction, The Voice!

The Voice is a collection of science fiction stories featuring the tales of exploration of the Moon, Mars, and the distant planets, encounters with alien life, and time travel.

The Voice is now available on Amazon!

When did science fiction make its way into your life?

Literally when I was a child. I was reading The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury when I was seven years old and I was spellbound by the intertwining of the magical descriptions of Martian nature and life and the harsh reality of the human presence of Mars.

What drew you to space exploration as a theme for your collection?

I am fascinated by anything connected with space. Some of the stories in the collection are very “down-to-earth” and describe the events of (I hope!) a very near future of humanity on Moon and Mars and some are set in a very distant future. I think it’s a good mix.

What was the hardest part of writing The Voice, and how did you overcome

The Voice is a collection of stories, so it has been growing up for about two years. For me, the hardest part in writing is finding the time for it. The actual writing is quite quick but, because I work full time and write the novels as well, carving space for short stories was not easy. However, the good thing about writing a short story is once you’re finished with it, you are finished!

Any advice for young writers interested in pursuing the independent
publishing route?

Go for it! A novel can be a daunting thing but if you have a bunch of short stories just lying around, start by getting them together and publishing a collection. A lot of people enjoy reading short stories.

Can you share three books, entertainment, or other media that you are
enjoying at this time?

I always come back to Dune, because it is such a breathtaking book and I have enjoyed the latest adaptation. On the films note, I often rewatch Solaris and Stalker by Andrey Tarkovsky, which are the great SF classics.

Thanks so much for being a part of coalitionworks Nelly, and again: congratulations on your latest release!

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