Mimi Bordeaux | Demeanor Persona

I have no shadow
Only time thoughts like yours twice the ride.
Let me take you to my house. It begins inside this cranial skull:
Tossing wires
Drowning dopamine receptors meet the serotonin sisters
Neuro 1 and Neuro 2
Twigging it with an acrid stench upon waking another unholy nightmare again
Going to and from school
Up hills crawling through tiny holes this is what the
Seroquel does to me.
Creating horrid images in the darkness of REM hell after wake up
Difficulty breathing and the smell rising up through the bed must be old
So cigarettes but an essential part of the dream of shit indeed pooh
Yes it is so gross
It reminds me of my mother telling me of her constant nightmares
One I particularly remember
She’s in a toilet filled with faeces shit and the drainpipe swelling the sewers

Now of her early older age
I’m becoming her in sleep quickly turn on the TV at 3.30am

My regular time for waking
Better now in the dark
Light let me into your house

Please take me on!

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