New Projects from Anam Tariq

A New Poetry Collection and The Wordsridge Newsletter!

We’d like to extend a shoutout and huge congratulations to coalitionist Anam Tariq (CW2) on the release of her latest poetry collection and newsletter!

About A Leaf Upon a Book:

Many a time verse letters from this casement
bear scribblings of obsessions,
of society’s hitches and surprises for self,
of cloudy climes and sun-kissed orchards,
of wildernesses and tempestuous deeps,
of candid summers and invisible strings,
of praise to the Prophet (PBUH),
of gallantry of his progeny,
of a deft metamorphosis,
of the play of the counterfeit self,
of a response to Dickinson’s verse and a cynic’s shells.

A medley of 25 poems, holding something for everyone. Now available on Amazon!

The Wordsridge Newsletter is a fortnightly, miniature literary and cultural e-zine about poetry, books, literature, opinions, culture, advice, and art. It also provides recommendations and a bulletin board brimming with opportunities for you!

Thanks so much for being a part of coalitionworks Anam, and again: congratulations on your latest projects!

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