Gemma Garcia | Cancun ain’t Hudson Bay

Walking in the sun covered face shining through sand under skin / left under / rusting / a green turned bridge for a tear open / mist turned into rain / Caribbean hand crafting now heat of the moment for a distance / traveled across / railways / walking paths/ fields of piercing lights / into the pier at the end of the sun city lights reflected on the speakers shutting down a line dying announcement of the next ferry departure

Gemma García is a Spanish-Canadian poet and she has published articles on the poetry of Spanish peninsular poet Jaime Siles, and South American poets Gonzalo Rojas and Juan Gelman in Mexican Journal “Revista Aerea” and Spanish poetry Journal “Fragmenta”. She has collaborated in the scholarly edition and publication of a 16th Century Spanish-peninsular poetry collection (Studia Aurea, Girona 2016). As a creative writer, she published “The Thin Red Line” in digital and print editions (2014); more recently, she presented a Spanish poetry collection, “Sol de Nagano”, self-published as chapbook (Casa Mexico Alberta, 2021). For more on her work, visit

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