Nazaret Ranea | Monster

On their wedding night,
the Monster held its bride
and left her on a bed of screws.

Its master gave it a key.
Its master lent it a room.

On their wedding night,
the Monster kissed hell,
it learned the scientific name
for daisies,
it discovered the alphabet.

And with the slightest touch,
they provoked a power cut.
The whole town
was left in darkness
on their wedding night.

Born in 1999 in Malaga, Spain, now residing in Edinburgh, Scotland, Nazaret Ranea is an emerging poet recognized as one of Scotland’s Young Makars in 2023. Nazaret is the author of the zine My Men, and is currently working on her debut anthology. She frequently collaborates with BBC Scotland, and debuted at the 2023 Fringe festival. Explore more on and her social media: @nazareterreese @NazaretRanea.

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