Sol Sigrid Sumalhay | Have mercy on me

You stand and watch. An archer, a
cosmic disbelief. I weep at night.
The moon mimics our gaze. Your
pupils dilated, zooms in on the
shape of my crouch, my spine. A
chasm of tears flood my pupils.
But your throat is the desert. Your
eyes pools of black sea. It is parched
enough, stealth enough, to hide.
Layer upon layer. Cover to recover. A
language I do not know exists at the
tip of your bruised mouth. Come,
show me the rust. Trust. Me. Collision.
I await, a yellow star, about to burst.
Seismic. I am basked in clear bluish
fervor. Tremor. Have mercy on me,
beloved. My lungs are not the black
hole. I am merely finite. Will the
warmth ever seep through the cracks
and see the sun? I hope someday it
does reach me.

Sol Sigrid Sumalhay is an author and published poet. She is a literacy advocate, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of International Studies, and an admirer of unconventional writings. Birthed in the nurtured lands of Mindanao, she articulates & expresses her ideas and motivations by fleshing out her thoughts through poetry. Have Mercy on Me is an ode to the expanse of existentialism while grappling with the constraints of reality. It seeks to dig deep into the everyday experience while looking at the cosmic image of humanity. Sol established her writing platform online through Medium and has also been writing for almost a decade. Bottled Stars is her first officially published poetry collection. 

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