S.O.U.M. | Shell-Shocked

I felt the shift
Beneath my feet
The day you drew
Your final breath

I felt the numbness
Spread throughout
My shell-shocked form
As grief flowed in

I felt the blurring
Blocking sounds, muting voice
My mind a blank
From missing you

I felt the tilt
Then world came right
And with it came this painful truth
That you are dead, and I am not.

SOUM is an acronym for Screams Of Unfettered Minds, a collective of three  women who write  under the cloud of preferred anonymity. Their  writing leans to the raw, unpolished, cheeky, punchy style, championing awareness for mental and social issues. They can be found on: Twitter: @SOUMpoets | https://linktr.ee/soumpoets

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