Timothy Resau | A City Storey

— Once you find out how to win at all the games, it’s no fun anymore. Win or lose, yaknow?… The blind man said, offering his outstretched hand in a friendly greeting to the passing strangers, several of whom indifferently tossed him dimes, quarters, and dollars.

Perhaps this was his way of seeking answers to the games—by begging in the street.

— Games?… Like, what games?.. answered his lady friend, Irma, wearing a tattered tweed overcoat, and like him, she was also blind, but she advertised the point by wearing a small hand-printed sign in red ink around her neck, saying: I BEE BLIND.

Meanwhile, a little while later, in another less sought out section of the city, Mose sat at a greasy spoon lunch counter, needing more than a bowl of tomato soup and crackers to help calm his trembling hands, but soup and crackers unfortunately were all that he could afford.

— Excuse me, young man, but, how do you spell couple? The women in a tattered tweed overcoat asked, as he sat peacefully eating his soup and stale crackers.

— C.O.U.P.L.E.

Quickly she wrote it down.

— Thank you, she said. After which she added: — You see, I forgot the people’s names, so, I’m just gonna say, to my favorite couple, from Irma. It’s a real pretty card, though, doncha think?

Timothy Resau’s writings have appeared internationally, recently in Maryland Literary Review, New Note Poetry Anthology 2022, Hudson Valley Writers Guild, Paddler Press, Defuncted Journal, New Pop Lit, ZiNDaily, Discretionary Love, “Z”, a Micro-Clapbook, Poetica, Lothlorien Poetry, Superpresent, Decadent Review, Academy of the Heart & Mind among many others, and forthcoming in Broken Sleep Press’s Masculinity Anthology, 2024. Find him at www.words-by-tim.com | https://twitter.com/TimothyResau

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