Nelly Shulman releases The Drought: A new collection!

5 Questions with an Indie Author

We’d like to extend a shoutout and huge congratulations to coalitionist Nelly Shulman (CW1) on the release of her latest collection of short fiction, The Drought!

The Voice is a collection of science fiction stories featuring the tales of exploration of the Moon, Mars, and the distant planets, encounters with alien life, and time travel.

‘The Drought’ is now available on Amazon!

What was the biggest challenge you faced as you put this short story collection together?

The biggest one was actually to allow myself NOT to have a key topic for all the stories because I wanted to include a wide variety of them and not feel constrained by a singular theme. Usually, the advice for the short story collections is to group them around one topic but in The Drought this is not the case and at the end of the day this approach worked.

What themes can we expect in The Drought?

The two main ones are love and death.

What was the most challenging part of writing The Drought, and how did you overcome it?

The collection grew over the couple of years, so the most challenging part was to sit down and organize it, If not for one of the writing residencies I have attended recently, I probably would not have time to do it.

Is there a writing exercise that has made a difference in your writing routine?

I use my phone on the commute to write one paragraph inspired by whatever I see from the bus window.

Can you share three books, entertainment, or other media that you are enjoying at this time?

I liked Prophet Song by Paul Lynch. A great dystopian novel. Another wonderful book is Oblomov, by Ivan Goncharov, a quintessential Russian novel. On the movie side, I loved Oppenheimer!

Thanks so much for being a part of coalitionworks Nelly, and again: congratulations on your latest release!

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