New Poetry Collection from Oisín Breen!

Lilies on the Deathbed of Etaín and Other Poems, now available!

We’d like to extend a shoutout and huge congratulations to coalitionist Oisín Breen (CW4) on the release of her latest poetry collection and newsletter!

About Lilies on the Deathbed of Etaín and Other Poems

From Alan Gillis, poet, and Professor of Modern Poetry at Edinburgh University:

Oisin Breen is writing at a pitch few other poets of his generation can muster. The dynamism and control of register, rhetoric, rhythm, is consistently a marvel. These are tremendously exciting poems. The work here is strange and startling – you are never sure where you are, or what is coming next. The poems stretch on to widen the possibilities of what a poem can be. Yet there is a grounded authenticity and emotional surge to the writing. They sweep you up in their flow, in their swerves, in their arch playfulness, in their abrupt intensity. The effect is invigorating and deeply affecting. Lose yourself in these poems and you will not forget it.

The Scotsman, Joyce McMillan:

A mighty meditation about death, desire and loss.

An astonishing rolling surge of poetic energy and purpose.

[Breen] writes both of the moment of death, and of timeless, life-changing moments of sexual desire, with a sensual vividness that takes the breath away.

Like some great orchestral suite.

The Washington Independent Review of Books, Angela María Spring:

Breen is doing something innovative and important here. But his language…ah, his language. He has a gift for grabbing the reader by the throat and tossing us into the storm.

World Literature Today, Greg Brown:

Simply timeless in the sense that the struggles and joys captured are immortal,

Breen’s handling of the legend of Étaín is particularly suited for the contemporary world, awash as it is with more ways of living than any mortal person could ever experience.

These poems soothe and magnify us who can only experience one life.

[It] is the human condition that ties together these poems, that binds myth and science, and that sings it all into meaning.

Inklette, Stephanie Gemmell:

This collection [is] distinctive, compelling, and powerful.

Daunish Negargar, New Critique:

Breen imbues the mundanity of everyday life with mysticism and grandeur with these joyous poems

Ryan Brinkhurst, Literary Heist

A unique experience.

Paul Thompson, Compulsive Reader:

The work of the best Irish poet currently writing in English.

The Book Smuggler’s Den:

An impressive collection that marks Oisín Breen as a poet to watch

Sunday Morning’s at the River:

Breen’s work is characterized by his unique blend of sensuality, nostalgia, and mortality, and his use of experimental form to explore these themes is nothing short of extraordinary.

Melissa Ridley Elmes, Tinderbox Poetry:

There are moments throughout this collection that demand the reader pause, stunned.

A transcendent reader’s experience unlike any.

About the Author

Irish poet, doctoral candidate, and journalist, Oisín Breen, a multiple Best of the Net nominee and Erbacce Prize finalist, is published in 112 journals in 21 countries, including in Agenda, North Dakota Quarterly, Books Ireland, About Place, Door is a Jar, Northern Gravy, Quadrant, Decomp, and The Tahoma Literary Review. Lilies on the Deathbed of Étaín is Breen’s widely reviewed and highly praised second collection. It follows his critically well received debut, Flowers, All Sorts, in Blossom… (Dreich, 2020).

A medley of 25 poems, holding something for everyone. Now available on Amazon!

Thanks so much for being a part of coalitionworks Oisín, and again: congratulations on your latest release!

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