descheveler | stem

you should keep it to yourself / nothing more than exhibition / no one wants to know how fireworks / make a show from burning pyres / you should sew the lips of want / in your wantonness you falter / leave it in your ribs, the pleasure seed / it’s to bloom a tree in silence / gonna bloom the tree in silence / radicles tear feet for stream / looking worse for the wear and beyond repair / better swallow up the pauses / gonna bloom that tree in silence / how the rage it shoots out of the skin / as the intervals tear up my skull / shooting out for recognition / had it in me to grow taller / to outgrow my private ways / swallow up the pit, consume abyss / falling entertains the forest / in the mourning, in the forest / never thought I’d be like them / falling over, fall routines for jest / how my heartbreak turns to stem

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