Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi | Edge

There is a door towards the west
that leads to sleep. There is a
meadow of dozing flowers.
Dream so long, so much
let it spill into reality.
Born dawn. Burn, done.
It is winter. The smoke freezes
into shadows falling back
into yesterday. Burn dawn.
Grief stays longer than joy.
I have experienced them both but
we all want something brief,
something to leave off in a
meadow (like a heart) hoping
the pupae grow wings except
it is a moth and we can’t buy
the garden with wishes and nights
—stars falling into fireflies.
Everything fits a poem.
Born dawn. Burn, done.

Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a writer and hakuist from Nigeria. He was shortlisted in the Thomas Dylan Poetry contest (youth category) and received nominations for the Best of the Net and Pushcart Awards. Abdullah is actively involved in the literary community, working as a submissions reader at Sea Glass Literary Magazine and editing for The Incognito Press. In 2023, he achieved second runner-up in the Wingless Dreamer’s Contest. His work can be found in publications like Paper Crane Journal’s ‘Outstanding Young Poets ’23’ and as a finalist in the Hayden’s Ferry Review Poetry Prize. His writing appears in Gone Lawn, Salmon Creek Journal, Heavy Feather Review, SPIRITS, The Lumiere Review, Hooligan Magazine, South Dakota Review, among others.

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