Aldas Kruminis | 3 Poems

I left

You told me the night was long
and the morning would never come
and I looked into your eyes
searching for traces of truth.

I hoped your words would whisper
the dawn away as I snuggled deeper
into your sobbing chest. Your heart jumped
when the night put on its darkest robe.

I did not want to leave. You
anchored me into the life of love,
guided me to the shore
when the waves rose too high.

I wanted to stay and live,
spend my life with you. I left.
My shadow sneaked behind me,
the rifle’s blade pointing towards my back.

On the hill, I looked at you,
gave you my last smile, burdened
with tears, I waved and whispered
goodbye, perhaps to never see you again.

I feel your pain

I feel your pain against my cheek
and taste your tears falling on my lips.
The bitterness burns my tongue and your aching
heart that now sits in your throat.

My touch is cool upon your aching forehead
but my hands aren’t magical – they can’t
take away the burden in your heart.
I listen to your words and speak my mind,

spell you the truth, cold and profound,
but words lost all meaning
when that worm settled in your mind.
Now I kiss and shush what troubles

both your mind and heart,
keeping you awake,
giving back your dreams
in the world that brought you pain.


The suspicion spread
like wild prairie fire,
destroyed the life
of faithful past.
Now, lead of sorrow
burns the throat
and the eyes of goodbye
blink so slowly
as soft bedsheets
bury you in
the calm of eternal sleep.

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