Jo Horrigan | Finding the Joy

in the morning:
you and i. we look into each others eyes
as the sunrise leaks in around us
just as the water leaks from my eyes
mirroring the rain dripping from the eaves.
this is how it begins, with joy and heartbreak.
your hand in mine holds me together
when the light is overwhelming my senses and
this life is overwhelming my heart.

in the afternoon:
we share the couch, heads on each end.
you looking at me looking at you.
the warm golden light is gone, rain clouds in its place.
thundering just as my heart thunders for you
when you half smile at me. i’ve been staring at you
too long but you don’t mind. it’s what we’re here for.
i look into the depths of you reflecting the depths of me.

in the evening:
we sit on the porch with our feet up.
the dusk seeping into all the spaces
between us and with us. the sun peeking
through the by now empty clouds.
deep orange and pink tints the sky. we drink
sweet tea that matches the sweetness of
your breath and your heart. you remind me
that i want the joy even when it’s so hard to find.
i will continue searching i suppose, every day.
joy is not far when you’re sharing the space next to me.

Jo Horrigan (they/he), is a disabled nonbinary butch lesbian who has been writing on and off for more than ten years. Jo is currently also a Master’s of Social Work student and hopes to work towards their goal of becoming a trauma therapist in addition to continuing working on their poetry skills.

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