Catherine Khaperska | Perspectives

The average human is five-foot-three (1.6m)
Where the average car is
And the average bus is
And the average floor-to-ceiling height is
And an apartment has anywhere from 3 floors up
to infinity and beyond we get a skyscraper
In the other direction
A sprawling mansion of acres on end
With its own mini woods
Woods turn to forest
Forest turns to land mass with
A beach
Then a lake
Then an ocean all around it
We got mountains
And ranges of those
And we got continents and countries of all sorts of sorts
And we got a planet
And a moon
And a sun
And the stars
And a galaxy that no one sees
but from afar
And universe-multiverse
Ever expansion deluxe
Millions of billions of cubic terameters of vast empty nothing

And also an ant. In my backyard
doesn’t want to die in the rain

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