Josh Young | 2 Poems

Turn the Lights Off

And that’s a wrap
What was the world waiting for?
For some complex answer
Some deeper meaning?
Some grandiose jester by a god maybe?
Nope sorry to be the bearer of bad news
Now I know this can be overwhelming
We’ll give you a few minutes to collect yourself
Get yourself in order
Sorry I don’t have better news
At least you guys had some good times right?
I mean wars, famines, murders aside
Sorry to your philosophers and people
In search of enlightenment
But it turns out your hedonist,
Your burnouts, your nihilist
Nodding off into nothingness
Had the right idea
Again I apologize for any agitation
I may have caused
But I don’t have
A good answer

At Least Love is Real

At least we can still love
At least we can still care for eachother
At least we can still embrace
If it turns out
If there is some relevant revelation
Some answer to all of life’s questions
If we are alone in the universe
If there is no heaven above
At least we can say with certainty
At least we can love
If civilization collapses
And all that’s left is ruins
If the world wonders west
In the sun
If there is no one to remember
If somehow this is some simulation
And nothing is real
We can still say
At least we can still love

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