Justin Gil | 3 Poems

we’re all rats.

masturbating multi-colored sewer rats
who notice nothing but the difference in our fur.

we’re all the same ugly pink
and ingeniously enduring little rattus
with mothers, brothers, and fathers-
all pink sewer rats who obliviously rely on each other.

how not to be a bitter bitch

forget it all,
except who you love.

forget it all,
except what you love.

forget it all;

accept what you love,
that’s who you are.

outside of that
forget it all.

finding perfection

if there’s no such thing as perfect,
how does the Fibonacci sequence exist?
how does,
1 and 2 make 3, and
2 and 3 make 5, and
3 and 5 make 8?

how do you explain
a quiet morning staring out into the ocean
with a coffee and joint?
or bacon and eggs after a long night out?

how do you explain the thrill of your lady clinging to you
while you push 80’s car tech to its limit-
as you zip around mountains,
and flirt with edges.

there’s no explanation
it just is.

Justin Gil, recent author of ‘I Don’t Belong Here and Neither Do You,’ a collection of poetry and reflections, is currently working odd jobs while traveling around the Americas and Europe. He loves to write whether it’s in an office or a finca in the jungle. When not on the road, he enjoys staying active, reading books beyond his 5th-grade reading comprehension level, and
immersing himself in long vocabulary lists on Quizlet.

Social Links, let’s stay in touch: Poetry page: @justinspoetry | Personal page: @justingil27 | Substack: @writtenbyjustin

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