Sarah (Ember) Bricault | one more kiss

you have upended the snowglobe of me
reborn like glitter in the sky
I am aflutter, I am filled
with snowflakes, or butterflies,
or some kind of small bird who’s
realized that my ribs are not a cage
but a stadium, amplification of joy
like glitter, it’s everywhere, and
you say that Euclidean geometry is
homophobic, and I say that we are
the chaos, the entropy, destined ever
to increase, everything was always
bringing us here, and I don’t know
if that’s destiny, or physics, and why
can’t it be both, a chaos of loving you
as the world falls apart is the best
destruction a woman could ask for and
the glitter is flashing in the sun and it’s
settled on the horizon like glitter
on your hair like snowflakes in globes
like birds between one flight and the
next and there is the truth of chaos,
it just keeps coming, inevitable
like the glitter I’ll find later on your skin,
the birds rousing within and they may
take the snow but the sparkle in your
eyes is enough, the sky is enough,
the shake of your laugh is enough
and I don’t care what the world
has in store because you and I
will dance our way to oblivion, a chaos
of glitter and birdsong and always

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