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Jaime Alejandro (he/him) is a Mexican-American award-winning dramatist, multimedia creative, and arts advocate. From an early age, he knew he needed to write and collaborate to truly exist. He created the coalition to fulfill his mission to provide a place for indie storytellers to share joyfully absurd short-form works in the written, visual, and performing arts. Jaime wants the coalition to be a gathering place for the arts by working class people, outcasts, the alienated; those reconciling the futility of this modern world with joy, imagination, and above all, community.

He studied acting at Casper College, and writing/directing for the stage at the University of Wyoming. He is also the host of the Arts Calling podcast. Jaime’s ultimate calling however, is being a father and husband. He loves family time, going to concerts with his wife, playing soccer with his son, and the quiet life.

*I hope to add more collaborators to this page as the coalition continues to grow. Stay tuned!



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coalitionworks inaugural issue arrives 9.2022

The Inaugural Season!

My friends,

My name is Jaime Alejandro. The Coalition for Digital Narratives is the new space I’ve created to produce my own work and offer a space for fellow creatives to unearth the absurdity of the human experience.

As a trial run, I’m currently preparing three one act audio plays to present as a ‘mini-season.’ I am happy to announce these stories should be premiering some time this year.

  • REConciliation (working title). This is a one-person show I’ll be performing and producing on my own. Script needs a good rewrite but I know what I have to do. This hurdle is the biggest one, but I have to compete this piece first to ensure the rest can actually be done.
  • The Square Parts I & II. Part I is written and ready to go. I had started some production on it but shortly thereafter decided to complete the second script before going further. Cohesion has to take priority and I won’t rush this one. It will require about 6-10 actors in fairly equal roles, so I eagerly anticipate directing this one.
  • A Whisper to the Dark. This script requires some serious rewriting, but it’s not a long script. Originally written for another company, the deal seems to have fallen through and so I am rescuing this story and shaping it into a more linear narrative than previous drafts. I’ll only need three actors for it, so excited!

Since all of this will be DIY, I’m keeping a very flexible timeline in the event the rest of 2022 delivers some wrenches. Check the website for updates. In the meantime, be sure to stop by the Coalition Twitter account: we got some new and improved AI prompts for you to start writing!


AI Prompt Write Along #4

Behold humans,

I have procured an image to awaken the writing within you:

Gobbledigook papers strewn into the air stubbornly return back to me.

Tell me if I have cured your writer’s block or if you have opinions.


5.23.22 | AI Prompt Write Along

AI Prompt Time!

A dinnertime dance upon the stars.

Wanna write something? Share in the comments or leave a message!

i held you in my arms

and your messy hands stained my shirt

but we laughed anyway

and if you ever got fussy

a twirl would suffice, and then another

until I found my beautiful, spinning heart

resting its head on my shoulder

just before bedtime.

5.22.22 | Creative Invitation

I am collaborating with the computer machine to write poetry and random thoughts based on AI generated images. You can come along and contribute too! Here’s what I came up with:

don’t think
i have run out
of skin

watch me
unfurl my back further
the real

now unspoken for
it’s yours

you said
before I could lay

to great
flesh upon my shoulder

god sends
only what we can handle
your lashes

What do you think of this? Is there a poem here?
How do you feel about this image? Leave a voice message or comment below!


Hi there. My name is Jaime Alejandro. I write, record, and collaborate. Welcome!

The coalition is a gathering place for the written and performing arts, publishing coalitionworks online journal, audio works, and collaborative projects reconciling the absurd nature of our existence through joy, imagination, and the search for community. Click on the buttons below for more information on our current slate of projects. For professional inquiries, click here to email me. For updates, subscribe to cruznotes newsletter.

Go make a dent. Much love,


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