summer 2023


editor’s note

Hi there,

I am ecstatic to share the summer issue of coalitionworks! This issue is compact, but packs heart, wonder, and snatches the impossibility of meaning from the cosmic jaws of futility. And now, it’s right here for us to enjoy.

I’m doing things differently this time around: I thought it would be interesting to present selections from each contributor in a kind of poetry/prose/etc. mixtape. One that seamlessly transitions from one piece into another. You can read the issue using the contributor links below, and you can also enjoy our special audio presentation that blares like a bizarre twenty minute run-on sentence but I love it so much. I found great joy putting together this issue, and I couldn’t be happier now that it’s here for you to experience.

My sincere thanks to our phenomenal contributors! It has been an absolute delight bringing your brilliant voices to the coalition.

Make art. Much love,