coalitionworks | fall 2022

Our Contributors

Jerome Berglund, T.F. Burke, Kyla Houbolt, Theresa K. Jacobsen, Colin James, Joan McNerney, Navilan, Kushal Poddar, Ken Poyner, Ann Privateer, Nelly Shulman, Ken Towl, Lynn White, Lorna Wood, Perry Wyatt

Editor’s Note:

Hi there,

I am ecstatic to share the debut of coalitionworks!

This issue features bold perspectives from all over the world, eager to reconcile the absurd. These short works convey the intimate and the cosmic through the everyday weird. There is an unflinching quality to these works, along with a hint of sweetness and beauty. Some damn good writing! Although coalitionworks is a brand new publication, I find that this project’s identity is quickly becoming clear thanks to our incredible contributors. I am forever grateful for your trust, for taking a chance on a journal in its most nascent form.

Enjoy these moments of exaltation in the throes of impermanence. Much love,


EIC/Coalition Artistic Director


Jerome Berglund | Five Haiku

T.F. Burke | Sugared Lies

Kyla Houbolt | 2 poems

Theresa K. Jakobsen | NUR (self-translation)

Colin James | The maniacal coolies would dress sagaciously

Joan McNerney | Hope is the opium of our hearts

Navilan | Black Hole

Kushal Poddar | Poems

Ken Poyner | Worth

Ann Privateer | Visual Art

Nelly Shulman | The Boy

Ken Towl | A Drabble

Lynn White | Poems

Lorna Wood | Camp Yes!

Perry Wyatt | The Lost Rhino