Editor’s Note:

Hi friends,

The works of issue three have so much to tell you, so I will cut to the chase: I grew up on the edge of town by an interstate, where the cars travelled as fast as the windswept clouds. I was never in motion. I was an observer of motion. I hadn’t thought about that in ages, until two months ago, when I began preparations for this collection. Clouds. I need CLOUDS. I left work that day, enthralled by my epiphany, that I took a photo of the skies and the way the light flares spilled onto the clouds made them appear bruised. They appeared human. Just for a moment.

What you have here are works that soar with a profound magnetism, and a will to make their own meaning, their own valiant purpose. I’m incredibly proud to cluster in one place seasoned writers, the intermediates, and those at the very start of their artistic journey. There’s some real otherness here too, and it fills my strange heart with joy and beautiful community. There’s tension in this issue, as if it wants to tear itself apart with truth and youth and wisdom and senselessness and love and sometimes despair. It pulls at itself like taffy. Yet it holds. Just for a moment.

Dear writers/artists of issue 3: you are bold and true and I am honored to have your work here.

Dear reader: so happy to have you here, enjoy the ride!

Thanks for being a part of this, all. Much love,


Jaime Alejandro
coalitionworks EIC

light-split marble
ever-fashioned by sky currents
yearns for the chisel