I welcome the everyday weird. The strange in the mundane. Work that seeks to reconcile the brutal, yet beautiful absurdity of life. Send work that quells our cosmic insignificance, send it on over! There’s no reading fee and no compensation. It’s just me behind the scenes for now. It’s not much, but this is the coalition: I humbly open the doors of my creative home for your consideration. I believe in you, and I look forward to reading your work. All the best,

Jaime Alejandro

Coalition EIC


coalitionworks is a brand new journal, and so every submission informs and helps define the future of this publication. Thanks for your consideration!

The coalition welcomes short work that grapples with the absurd nature of life and the cosmos. Creative work that carries in its glorious brevity the conflict between human purpose and futility. Is it possible to alleviate that devastating tension with joy, empathy, and love? I’d love to know your perspective on this.

There’s no reading fee and no compensation at this time. All the best!


  • Short poems. Under one page. No specific form as long as it adheres to coalition themes.
  • Microfiction. Under 500 words or less. Drabbles, Twitterature, etc. Just keep it short!
  • Visual Art!
  • Photography that makes the ordinary strange again.

Be sure to include your bio and website/social media links. Once accepted, you will be able to share an audio reading of your work!

I aim to make the coalition a safe, welcoming space for all marginalized communities. Don’t hesitate to reach out via the link below with questions, a submission accommodation, or would like to pitch a special project/collaboration. I’m slow to respond at times because I have a job and a family and I make other stuff and I get distracted and I should probably do less but I really don’t want to compromise because life is short and I want to have it all, so I’ll be sure to reach out as soon as I am available. Thanks for your time and patience.

Go make a dent. Much love,



You retain the rights to your work. Always.

Previously accepted writers, please stand down from submitting for an issue or two (can’t wait to see your work again!).

Please don’t send work created with ChatGPT or any AI software. You don’t need it, you have it in you to create something wholly beautiful and honest without it.

This project is a labor of love to build a community to highlight outstanding independent work.
Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Human beings are weird animals, but we are ultimately bound by love and hope as we drift about the deep and unflinching existential indifference of the universe.

I believe in you. Let’s get to work!

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