the coalition audio plays | 2023 updates

Hey there,

So here’s what’s going on with the audio plays…

Last year, I set out to write three short plays to produce rather quickly, and I slated them for Spring 2022. Life decided to rain wrenches in my general direction, which led me to postpone the plays and focus on my family and job. It happens. Long story short, here’s what I have so far:

  • The REConciliation, a surreal one-man show about parenthood, failure, and transcendence, was recorded last August. I am gathering sound effects whenever I can, and will be editing the show sometime this year.
  • A Whisper to the Dark, a three-person supernatural drama about grief and death and a cat BFF is currently in the pre-production stage. My friend Becca will play one of the roles, and I will be playing the cat. I am currently planning and casting one more role for it.
  • The Square was the first play I wrote and planned for these audio projects back in January of 2022. I recorded some of it, and the scenes were interesting, but something was missing: So I am going back and retelling the story I want to tell. I am hoping to start writing this in May once I wrap up the spring issue of coalitionworks and the other script I am writing in April.

I wanted to write this to let remind myself and other creatives that starting something on your own takes time, conviction, and a willingness to pivot when nothing goes well. This is what I have so far, and I am loving the process more than ever before. I’ll be sharing updates on this page moving forward.

Go make a dent. Much love,